Published by Film Inquiry, Australia, written by film critic Alex Lines:

“‘American Mirror’ is (…) a strange beast of a feature

“there’s a lingering, finely-drawn intelligence to Arthur Balder’s hallucinogenic compilation, one which welcomes many readings no matter how you look at it”

with a healthy dose of David Lynch” (…) strikingly original, (…) what the art represents in an allegorical sense”

“An undefinable fever dream

“Perplexing (…). It definitely shrugs off any expected genre conventions

“‘American Mirror’ eschews any traditional documentary formats when attempting to align Balder’s own film theory digressions alongside the scattered memories of his main subject, which makes for a mystifying, if not wholly fascinating experiment”

“a fractured mosaic of brooding introspection, abstract memory play and candid celebrity interview, it’s hard to define…”

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