COIMBRA, PORTUGAL. – Da Vinci Films is proud to announce that the selection committee of the 25th Caminhos Do Cinema, to be held in November 2019 in Coimbra, Portugal, has selected Arthur Balder’s AMERICAN MIRROR: INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY has part of its Official Selection.

This is particularly great news since Caminhos Do Cinema is one of the most important documentary-only oriented, cinematic events in Portugal, and its 25 years of dedication avail its great reputation in the festival circuit.

Caminhos Do Cinema has been, since 1988, one of the main references in the cinematographic panorama of Portugal. Presenting itself as the only festival dedicated to Portuguese cinema in all its areas (final projects of schools of cinema, animation, documentary, short film and motion picture), it is the ultimate showcase of the cinematographic works produced every year in Portugal, but it also selects and promotes those projects from around the world that its selection committee considers of high interest and relevance.

Caminhos Do Cinema, 2018 awards ceremony.

This event is the opportunity to gather creators and audiences in a single space of artistic interaction, a place where one can accompany firsthand the evolution of the cinematographic industry in Portugal.

The event is open to Juniors, Juveniles, and Seniors, of the Schools of Cinema and even students and onlookers, inviting all the Portuguese population to know the most recent cinematographic production of Portugal, providing a space of union of the arts for Cinema, which is celebrated in each one of our editions.