GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR.- Director and producer Arthur Balder was presented with the Golden Iguana as winner of the competitive category Best Feature Documentary of the Festival at the Guayaquil International Film Festival after participation of AMERICAN MIRROR: INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY in the official selection.

Guayaquil International Film festival has experienced an enormous growth during the last five years, greatly due to the industry-oriented programs it offers across its different sections, such as Guayaquil Lab, Actors Lab, Construye, Cinema 72, La Revol, . Home to a vibrant community of film lovers and film professionals, Guayaquil, biggest city of Ecuador, hosts one of the most interesting competitions in South America.

The president of the Jury since 2015, Jorge Suarez, is a film critic and theorist of El Universal, and has assisted since 1968 to the Oscar ceremony uninterrupted, covering it as film critic for Ecuador news agencies, cinema magazines and media outlets.

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